Some Images of ET5411 0-500V 0-15A DC Electronic Load

Bodge Wire, two Mosfets and the secondary Microcontroller
Other perspective: IRFPF50 Mosfets, one with a Thermistor attached.
Mosfets on the bottom: clearly different Manufacturer’s FETs are used.
Note that the legs of the left MOSFET seem to be clean (no solder on them), where as the right MOSFET has a lot of solder on it’s legs. I presume that the right FET has been recycled from e-waste, just as the ones in the image above.
Assuming the FETs are not counterfeit, they should be fine (the Electronic Load is rated for up to 500V on the input).
The front panel PCB
Front panel µController: APM32F103VCT6
Secondary µController: GD32F103RCT6

My thoughts:
Disclaimer: I haven’t tested the load at all.
In total there are six MOSFETs. The packages differ between some of them. At least four of them appear to be recycled.

The Microcontrollers are clones of ST µControllers… Assuming the clones are good, there should not be any problems. The current Semiconductor shortage is very likely to blame for the decision to use cloned parts. Hopefully the manufacturer has done lots of testing (which is not very likely).

There is quite a lot of dust and overall dirt inside the unit.

Read more about the unit in this thread on the EEVBlog.
This short post doesn’t aim to be a review, but rather a collection of some thoughts and images I’d have liked to have before deciding on the purchase.

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