Teardown of the UNI-T PRO UTi690B Thermal Camera

I bought this camera in June 2022 for 314€, which is quite a good price.

Also see my post on the EEVblog forum: https://www.eevblog.com/forum/thermal-imaging/uti690b-teardown/

Specifications of the camera
Source: Banggood.com: https://imgaz.staticbg.com/images/oaupload/banggood/images/42/81/8d3e2fc6-ecab-4c5f-95c0-c7990216fb5b.jpg.webp

Please click on an image to show a larger preview and avoid the constant changing of height of the image-box.

Thermal imaging sensor and visible light camera

Main PCB

LCD Display



Some thermal images

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